Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Media led Society

The Media is the mainstay of society and in recent times it has become like a Giant Screen in the sky which beams everything that goes on around us, minute to minute, live. Nothing escapes its scrutiny. It is loud, it’s in your face and it’s invading hitherto unexplored territory in its thirst for news and a few minutes of live feed.

In such a scenario it is easy as well as difficult to catch its attention. Easy, when you have a controversial story to tell, or an opinion about a news item currently on top of the agenda in society.

And difficult, when you have a credible story to tell, but it is not in the ‘news’ and it is not served as ‘fast food’ to the media.

In such a scenario, organisations plan elaborate ‘events’, get celebrity endorsements  and sometimes even offer certain incentives to media houses to attract their attention.

The corner stone for any organisation, especially one which works in the public arena, is its credibility and its relationship which it builds with the society in which it operates. It is therefore, very crucial for the organisation to be seen in the proper perspective – with more stress on its work, its ideals and its mission.

If your organisation, operates in such a context, it has a relationship with society, which it serves.The only way, your wok can be projected or seen by society in the proper perspective is, if there is no attempt at any unnecessary ‘projection’ as such.  And when there is serious and sustained interaction and the projection is only an outcome of that.

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