Thursday, April 15, 2010


When a long held dream of two persons who come together matches, there is no way it won’t be fulfilled. A Music Video was a long cherished dream for me…not as a singer (!) but as a director and the opportunity came to me out of the blue when I met this young and talented singer Nippun. Nippun, a child prodigy, who has been singing (at the top of his voice as told me once) since he was 4….is in a corporate job.

But he has been quietly promoting his band “Devotion” since the past few years, performing at gigs all over the city in his spare time. He was keen to market himself and launch himself formally and had been doing the rounds of music labels, having recently written and sung 6 songs for an Album. The album when released would be his first and has some excellent compositions. Though I’m not a music critic, but all his songs are intense and pleasing to the ear.

He had brought some of these songs for me to listen. He sought my advice on how to promote these. And when I listened to his two songs ‘Aaja Re’ and ‘Jeeney Do’, I was floored.

I was just about to beginning editing of my film ‘New Delhi’s Pride-2009’ and I was tempted to ask him for the song “Jeeney Do” for my film. First I hesitated, as I did not know what his reaction would be, I did not want him to think I’m taking advantage of him….but I badly wanted that song for my film and had no money to pay. My film was shot on a shoe-string budget to showcase Queer pride.

Finally when I asked him for the song, to my delight, he immediately said yes. He said his motive in giving me the song was to get exposure and get help from me in making a music video for this song. He said he would launch himself with the music video. I was more than happy to agree to this ‘barter’ of services as I also got an opportunity to try my directing skills for the Video.

How the Music Video finally took shape is another story! But im truly indebted to my friend and stylist Sheltun Benjamen Anal and Aastha Arora for working on this Video for free. It was a pleasure to create this Music video, and I hope to do many more in future.

Here’s the link and the full video


  1. Hi, Ranjit i see you have put in a great effort here in making of this video keep up the good work!! Music is excellent and Vocals too!
    Best of Luck!

  2. Thanks Hitesh!
    Yes it was a lot of effort by everyone involved. Hope to see your video too soon!