Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Delhi's Pride 2009

3rd showing...Shown at Kuki Lounge, Masjid Moth Community Centre on June 22, 2010

Displayed on widescreen through the evening.

Next Showing: KASHISH Mumbai Queer Festival 2010

Date: April 22

Venue: Alliance Francaise, New Marine Lines, Time: 10 am

Festival brochure:

Shown at Nigah Queer Film Festival, Sunday, October 25th at 12.25 pm
Venue: Indian Social Institute, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India

Festival Brochure:
Review of Film:

Production: Ramon Productions in association with Global Health Advocates
Duration 5.30 minutes

The film is based on interviews conducted during the LGBT Pride March held in New Delhi this year. The pride march, organized only for the second time in Delhi, has turned out to be historic and just four days later the Delhi High Court read down section 377, the law pertaining to same sex sexual relations.

The film is an effort to showcase the perceptions of ordinary people (LGBT) on their queerness and the Pride march, which has become a regular feature now on the Delhi landscape. It will contain their views on their lives, what is important to them personally and what they perceive is the way forward. The film, though simple in concept, is an important effort to showcase the Delhi Queer community and to bring them in touch with each other on a more personal basis while also showcasing the Indian context.

The film has some beautiful verses of a song, titled ‘Jeeney do’ sung, written and composed by Nippun Bhatia of the band ‘Devotion’.
Director: Ranjit Monga,
Producer: Ramon Productions in association with Global Health Advocates
Camera: Ali Khan
Editing: Mukesh Saini
Original Song: “Jeeney do” (Let us Live) written, composed and sung by Nippun Of Devotion Band
Guitar by Gaurav Bhisht of Devotion Band

Director: Ranjit Monga

Ranjit has been associated with the Media as a writer/journalist/TV reporter/ Media Consultant/ Film maker for the past 22 years out of which nearly 15 years have been with the Television industry. For the past eight years he has been a media consultant and has been producing documentary films and corporate videos. . He also planned and implemented several social sector media campaigns.
New Delhi’s Pride - 2009 is his first film as an independent Filmmaker. He wants to concentrate on producing films and radio programmes for advocacy of social issues through his company Ramon Productions.

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